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Laws of the sport

First of all, if you would like to come along to the Club to just ‘have a look’, please feel free at any time. You’ll find the club in use most evenings or weekend afternoons, and there is plenty of seating around the green for spectators.

New bowlers are encouraged to take advantage of free coaching, and you’ll always find other bowlers prepared to offer guidance and encouragement. Bowls, overshoes, mats and jacks are available for beginner bowlers to use. The Club usually holds an open day in October and this can be an ideal opportunity to try the game and take a look around the Club.  

What will I need?


You will need to wear special flat-soled shoes and appropriate clothing.  It’s probably not a good idea to purchase your own set of bowls immediately. The Club has plenty of differently-sized bowls for beginners to use, and it is wise to experiment to find the most suitable size.  

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